Appendix 2. Fresh Blood Components Supplied Under Contract by the Blood Service in 2013-14

TABLE 5.1 Fresh blood components supplied under contract by the Blood Service, 2013-14

Product Type Name Presentation JBC Price
Red blood cells Whole blood (WB) red cells leucodepleted >200ml1 $345.14
WB paediatric red cells leucodepleted (set of 4) 25-100ml1 $243.24
WB washed red cells leucodepleted >130ml1 $281.24
Platelets WB platelet pool leucodepleted >160m1 $356.62
Apheresis platelet leucodepleted 100-400ml1 $501.09
Paediatric apheresis platelet leucodepleted (set of 4) 40-60ml1 $500.09
Clinical fresh frozen plasma (FFP) WB clinical FFP 295ml+/-10%1 $279.29
WB paediatric clinical FFP (set of 4) 60-80mL1 $61.49
Apheresis clinical FFP 295ml +/-10%1 $313.41
Cryoprecipitate WB cryoprecipitate 30-40ml1 $51.61
Apheresis cryoprecipitate 54-66mL1 $274.16
Cryo-depleted plasma WB cryo-depleted plasma 215-265mL1 $22.13
Apheresis cryo-depleted plasma 495-605mL1 $119.70
Other products Autologous donation NA $380.69
Directed donation complying with AHMAC guidelines NA $346.25
Serum eye drops Single Collection $441.32
Plasma for Fractionation Plasma for Fractionation2 Presentation size NA, but costed per kg $350.76

1 The presentation volume for a typical unit content is specified in the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Blood Component Information, 2012. URL:

2 Plasma for Fractionation is supplied to CSL for manufacturing plasma derived products