Criteria for the clinical use of Intravenous Immunoglobulin in Australia - Second Edition

Appendix B: National Stewardship Expectations

Australian health ministers' conference statement on national stewardship expectations for the supply of blood and blood products

The Australian Health Ministers’ Conference (AHMC) has determined that a clear statement is needed on governments’ stewardship expectations for the providers of blood and blood products within the health sector. Stewardship, in this context, means responsible, sustainable and appropriate use of blood and blood products.

Blood and blood products are provided under the National Blood Agreement 2003 to which all Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments are signatories. Achieving a blood supply that can meet the growing needs of an ageing population at an affordable cost requires the commitment from blood donors to be matched by an equal commitment from other parties in the supply chain.

All governments are committed to:

A key component of the blood sector and one which plays an invaluable part is that of the health providers of blood and blood products. Hospitals, doctors, laboratories and other health providers serve a vital role in ensuring these key resources reach the patients in need.

In fulfilling this role, Ministers expect that these health providers will contribute to the sustainability of the blood supply by adopting these stewardship measures for their own organisation and requiring their adoption by any other party to whom they supply blood.

Blood Stewardship Principles

Blood should be managed in ways that ensure:

National blood product planning, management and governance are supported by:

Governments and the National Blood Authority will continue to manage the Australian blood supply to meet the needs of the community. Health providers play a vital role in making sure that products are available to meet clinical need, when and where required. The contribution of these health providers to safe and appropriate use, including minimisation of cost and wastage in the supply, is equally important. Ministers look to health providers to increase their efforts in these areas to ensure that Australia has a sustainable and affordable blood supply into the future.

Statement Approved by the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference, 12 November 2010.