Executive summary

This document, Patient Blood Management Guidelines: Module 3 – Medical, is the third in a series of six modules that focus on evidence-based patient blood management. The other five modules are critical bleeding/massive transfusion, perioperative, critical care, obstetrics and paediatrics (including neonates). Together, Module 2 (Perioperative) and Module 3 (Medical) cover all the patient groups addressed by the 2001 document Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Use of Blood Components1 (National Health and Medical Research Council/Australasian Society of Blood Transfusion, NHMRC/ASBT). Thus, the 2001 guidelines have now been replaced.

This document was developed by a Clinical/Consumer Reference Group (CRG) representing specialist colleges, organisations and societies, with the active participation of the clinical community.

This executive summary includes:

Details of the systematic reviews used in the development of this module are given in the two-volume technical report that accompanies this document.

Materials relevant to consumers and to clinicians managing medical patients will be developed to accompany this module; these materials will be available online and in print.