Red Blood Cell (RBC) Clinical Audit Tool

The RBC Clinical Audit Tool is a standards-based audit and can be useful for measuring current practice against best available evidence, in a continuous quality cycle. The purpose of the RBC Clinical Audit Tool is to improve patient outcomes by collecting data that can be used to support the audit and monitoring requirements for the organisation. The audit tool has been designed to be a user-friendly resource which focuses on key quality elements of transfusion safety, whilst eliminating the need for collection of copious amounts of data that may be of little value to improving patient outcomes. 
The Audit methods cover

  • Patient Selection
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Recommendations/actions
  • Evaluation
  • Feedback

It is intended that the RBC Audit tool can be easily adapted to accommodate the local policies and practice of individual hospitals. It is available as generic baseline material to download, alter and adapt as applicable to local requirements.

The Audit Tool has two parts:
1. The Audit Tool
2. The Audit Tool Database

Download both files and save them in the same location before conducting audits. Please be advised that the tool has been developed using Microsoft® Excel 2010 and the macros may not work if other versions of this software are used.

The RBC Audit Tool (140.07 KB)
The RBC Audit Tool Database (94.22 KB)

The National Blood Authority extends their appreciation to Ms Angie Dalli, the Clinical Audit Review Group and the Transfusion Nurses Group for their involvement in the development of this audit tool.