Fresh Blood Products

Fresh blood products are products that can be manufactured by simple separation of blood into its components via centrifugation. They include red blood cells, platelets, and plasma products such as fresh frozen plasma cryoprecipitate and cryodepleted plasma.  Prior to issuing product, there are a number of steps undertaken by the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (Lifeblood) to improve the safety of the products supplied. These include:

  • Mandatory testing – ABO and RhD blood type, viral screening, red cell antibody screening and syphilis testing.
  • Leucodepletion – all red cells and platelets are filtered to remove white blood cells
  • Bacterial contamination screening – platelets are stored at room temperature, and are therefore at a greater risk of growing bacteria than other blood products. For this reason all platelets are screened for contamination.

Fresh Blood Product Procurement

The NBA manages the relationship with Lifeblood the sole supplier of fresh blood products in Australia and is responsible for negotiating and managing the Deed of Agreement with the Australian Red Cross Society (Red Cross).