Ig Access Outside of the National Blood Arrangements


For a number of reasons, medical specialists may sometimes want to prescribe immunoglobulin for medical conditions that are not funded under the national blood supply arrangements as defined in the Criteria for the clinical use of immunoglobulin in Australia (Criteria). In such cases, IVIg or SCIg may be available either through jurisdictional direct order arrangements, or directly from suppliers on a commercial basis, at private expense. 

Medical specialists seeking access to IVIg or SCIg for conditions or circumstances not funded under the Criteria should discuss their options with their local health department or local hospital drug and therapeutics committee; the NBA does not manage individual access to Ig products outside of the conditions funded under the national blood arrangements. 

The information below provides an outline of the options.

Jurisdictional Direct Orders 

Under local arrangements, Approved Health Providers (AHPs) are able to purchase imported product only (IVIg or SCIg) directly from the supplier at an equivalent price to that negotiated by the NBA. This is called a Jurisdictional Direct Order (JDO).

Every state or territory health department is responsible for advising each supplier of imported IVIg and SCIg product of the Approved Health Providers in their jurisdiction. Processes vary, with some jurisdictions confirming AHP status to the supplier each time a JDO is requested, and others having longer-standing arrangements.   

Application and approval arrangements for doctors seeking access to Ig products raised through a JDO vary between hospitals and jurisdictions, but usually involve seeking access through the local hospital therapeutics committee, or equivalent. Medical officers should seek advice from their hospital or health department if unsure. 

Where approval is granted, the cost of the Ig product purchased through a JDO is borne directly by the AHP.

The JDO arrangements operate as follows:

  1. Medical specialist seeks approval to obtain IVIg or SCIg through a JDO for their patient, following their local processes

  2. Once approval is granted, the relevant AHP places an order for the imported IVIg or SCIg directly with the supplier, establishing a contract directly between the supplier and AHP for the supply of the Ig product

  3. Purchases are paid for in full by the AHP.

Products that can be supplied under JDO arrangements are listed in the following document.

Direct Orders, Private Expense

In circumstances where immunoglobulin cannot be accessed under the Criteria or JDO arrangements, it may be possible to access imported immunoglobulin directly from relevant suppliers on a commercial basis and at private expense. Products potentially available for private direct order are: 

These arrangements are outside of National Blood Arrangements. The NBA does not provide advice or assistance on these options. 

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