Overseas supply of blood products


Under the National Blood Agreement, a policy for the Overseas supply of blood and blood related products (blood products) in Australia for use overseas was endorsed by Australian Health Ministers in 2008, with the provision of these blood products managed by the National Blood Authority (NBA). Under this framework, blood products may be supplied for:

  • Australians traveling overseas
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Disaster relief.

In addition to those travelling or studying overseas, the NBA may also facilitate the supply of blood products for those Australians serving overseas and in international waters, such as the Australian Defence Force, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian Antarctic Division.  Blood products may also be supplied to assist Australians through overseas retrieval operations.

The following guiding principles were developed to ensure clarity in the application of the framework across specific circumstances. These are:

Situations of supply to Australians overseas

Under this component, blood products may be supplied to Australian residents temporarily overseas to a maximum of 12 months duration in any rolling 24 month period. Limited extensions to this supply may be granted by the NBA under exceptional circumstances, but will not exceed a three-month period. These situations will be assessed on a case by case basis by the NBA and require at least three months, prior to traveling overseas when applying. These situations are:

  • for use by Australian residents who are temporarily overseas
  • in response to requests from Australian Government Departments, such as for the Australian Defence Force or other Australian Government personnel posted overseas
  • in retrieval operations.

Situations of supply to non-Australians overseas

  • in the context of Australia’s coordinated humanitarian aid and disaster relief
  • under the International Blood Exchange Program
  • in retrieval operations
  • in response to requests from an Australian government department

Other situations approved by the NBA Chief Executive


Each application must be considered based on the specific circumstances for the overseas supply of blood products. Please contact the NBA at supply.management.plasma@blood.gov.au or:

National Blood Authority
Locked Bag 8430
Canberra ACT 2601