BloodNet Reports

The NBA makes available a range of reports and extracts from BloodNet data available to relevant stakeholders in the blood sector in accordance with our data governance framework.

All BloodNet reports are currently undergoing significant review and revamp, with an updated suite of reports being progressively delivered until mid 2014.

Accessing Reports

These reports can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on the report, the user and any system constraints:

  • Online
    • BloodNet users can generate their reports online in the BloodNet application
    • Jurisdictional Reporting users can generate their reports online in the Jurisdictional Reporting application
  • Email
    • Automated email subscriptions to specific reports can provide key reports and data to stakeholders based on time periods or other system triggers
  • File Transfer
    • Significant extracts of data, such as for data linkage, can be provided via secure file transfer. Such arrangements are put in place for each file transfer and will vary based on the size and sensitivity of the data to be transmitted and the ability of the receiving party to receive information in a specific format.

Report Specifications

The specifications for individual reports are being reviewed as part of the overall revamp of BloodNet reporting capabilities.  As each report is updated (or created in the case of new reports), the report specification will be made available below:

Further Information

For further information on BloodNet reports, contact the Health Provider Engagement team at the NBA by: